Masters Academy: Become a Member

After teaching digital imaging for over 20 years, one of the most respected names in the business has launched his own private academy dedicated to helping users master the tools of their digital trade: Photoshop, Lightroom and Photography. Through weekly streaming video lessons and a private, members-only online discussion group, Ben will push Masters Academy members to the next level of understanding and competence. The whole idea is to go beyond what you can learn through most video-based classes by making a full year’s commitment to continuous learning.

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Tagging your images with keywords will allow you to quickly find them using a simple text-based search. If you cannot currently find any memorable image within your Lightroom library in five seconds or less, then you can benefit from this product. If you’re already versed in using keywords, then you should benefit from all the tips, tricks and advice included.

  • 5,000+ word Lightroom keyword set
  • Keyword set installation guide
  • 30-page e-book on how to use keywords
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Ben's Texture Packs

3 Texture Packs to choose from
  • 25+ high resolution textures per pack
  • 20-page step-by-step how-to guide
  • See how to apply textures to your photos
  • Learn to pick the best texture for each image
  • Create irregular edges with frame effects
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Light Painting E-book

  • Easy-to-understand how-to guide
  • Over 90 pages of light painting info
  • 28 real-world examples
  • Tips on flashlights & other tools
  • Guide to image processing
  • Photoshop compositing walk-through
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Attend in Person: Upcoming Live Seminars & Events

Ben regularly speaks at live events worldwide. Take a look at his upcoming seminar, conference and trade show appearances to see if he’ll be teaching in your area.

Ben’s Live Events

Full-Day & Multi-Day Classes at CreativeLive

Long-form courses that were recorded live with a studio audience and input from Internet viewers. Most classes include a detailed handbook and practice files.

Ben’s Classes on CreativeLive

People-Focused Techniques using Meg Bitton Imagery

See how Meg produces her signature-style images of children. Her vision coupled with Ben’s explanations is what makes the “Zero to” series unique.