4444A long time ago, I ran into what I think just might be the worlds shortest extension cord. When I showed one to my electrician, he laughed, but in less them 30 seconds he thought they were essential. The idea is that the size of most AC power adapters cause them to take up more than one outlit in a powerstrip.

adding a very short extension cord, you can put the power adaptor on
the floor and use the tiny extension cord to connect the adaptor to a
six outlet strip. You can buy them here for only $1.79 each.

I’ve noticed that they’ve improved the design to make it so that each
extension cord includes a passthrough outlet so you can either stack
the extension cords, or plug another device into the same outlet. You
can purchase the improved version here for $2.39.

now there’s even a third version that allows you to plug two AC
adaptors into a single outlet. You can purchase it here for $2.99. I
wouldn’t be surprised if there isn’t a split version that has a
passthrough outlet, but I was unable to find one on-line.

I use these extension cords all over my home and office. In my
bathroom, one allows me to plug in both my shaver and electronic
toothbrush without filling up the outlet. A few of them in my office
reduces the number of six outlet strips from six to three.