Pshopcs2Adobe just posted a 30-day trial version of Photoshop CS2. It should be a fully functioning version that simply ‘expires’ after 30 days.

One thing to look out for in this version: The default settings for Camera Raw have changed… unadjusted Raw images are now automatically adjusted causing the thumbnail and preview images to look quite different than older versions. A lot of people will think it’s a great change, but if you bracket your exposures, you’ll find that all the exposures will be normalized, which will make them all look very similar.

I’ll show you how to change that default setting after the jump.

If you’d prefer to use the old default settings, then do the following:
1) Open any Raw format image to cause the Camera Raw dialog box to appear.
2) Choose Camera Default from the Settings pop-up menu.
3) Type Command-U (Mac), or Ctrl-U (Win) to turn off the Auto checkboxes
4) Choose Save New Camera Raw Defaults from the side menu that appears to the right of the Settings pop-up menu.

The default settings are camera specific, so if you own more than one camera, then you’ll have to do this with a file from each camera you own.

It’s a personal choice, some people will prefer the new settings, while other will want to get back to the old (as described above).