Hi gang! I just wanted to remind everyone that Photoshop Week kicks off in just a few hours at CreativeLive.com! Photoshop Week is an online conference taught by some of the best Photoshop and Lightroom experts in the industry. It’s free to watch while it’s live and you can also purchase the classes to watch whenever you want and as often as you want. Here’s the complete description from CreativeLive:

Discover the tools you need to remake the world in your image. Learn from some of the world’s most inspiring photographers and retouchers. Unlock the power of Photoshop and Lightroom to transform the images you have into the images you want.

On February 22nd-27th watch the free live stream of the industry’s biggest week. Learn exciting new ways to enhance your work and remake your post-production workflow. Create images that stand out and inspire. No matter how many years you’ve been in the game, find the tools, techniques and shortcuts you need to bring your unique creative vision to life.

This year, you can chose from 4 unique course tracks to find the skills you need. We now have a Beginner’s track and an Advanced track, so you can master the essentials and then graduate to more complex techniques. Get in the habit of shooting with post-production ideas in mind with our Shoot to Edit classes. After you get your skills locked down, keep up to date on the latest Photoshop techniques and designs with the Trends series.

Make the most out of what you learn this week! Our partners at Adobe are offering 20% off the Creative Cloud Photography plan to new subscribers if you join us for Photoshop Week – get access to Adobe Lightroom, Photoshop, and Adobe’s versatile mobile apps to craft amazing images anytime. RSVP now, and we’ll email you a link to this exclusive offer.

The conference begins today (Monday) at 9 am PST. My classes begin on Wednesday and here is a preview of what I’ll be teaching:

Beginner Photoshop Troubleshooting | Wed, Feb. 24, 9:00 am PST

Discover solutions for your everyday Photoshop troubleshooting. You will learn how the misapplication of Photoshop’s workhorse functions – selections, layers, masks, color mode and more – can create problems that cascade throughout the rest of your project. Develop a mental workflow that will help you quickly diagnose and fix these issues in the future.


Advanced Color Correction in Photoshop | Wed, Feb 24, 1:15 pm PST

Master the art of color correction, and learn how to edit images with challenging lighting issues. Make use of the wide variety of features that Photoshop has available for images with mixed light sources, complex highlight and shadow situations, or underwater lighting. Gain the ability to bring images that you believe to be terrible back from the brink of the trashcan, and shoot with greater confidence that you can correct your images in post.


Advanced Photoshop Tops & Tricks | Wed, Feb 24, 3:00 pm PST

Who better to learn advanced editing tips than from Photoshop Hall of Fame inductee Ben Willmore? Ben will help you unlock Photoshop’s hidden features, and draw on his 25 years of advanced editing experience to show you the power of common Photoshop features to produce extraordinary results.


Creating Different Photoshop Filter Looks | Thurs, Feb 25, 1:15 pm PST

Make the most of Photoshop’s diverse color filter menu! In this session, you’ll learn to combine filters with blending modes, smart objects, and blending sliders to produce unique results. Create a workflow for your complex effects, and apply them to your images without having to repeat the many steps needed to duplicate them.


Stupid Moves in Photoshop | Thurs, Feb 25, 3:00 pm PST

Avoid the everyday actions that make your post-production work difficult. Ben will clue you in on common functions and actions that can unknowingly degrade the quality of your images, bloat file sizes, or cause serious problems with your edits when you attempt to print your images. You’ll also learn how to fix or replace these actions with more efficient, effective, and safe methods to make your life easier.


Click here to check out the full schedule and learn more about the online event. I hope you’re able to tune in!