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As I'm sure you know, Photoshop CS5 has been announced and should be shipping soon. This time around I've decided to not do an Up to Speed book on CS5. I just had too much going on when dealing with the details of the death of my father, the addition of Karen to my life and the vintage bus project. I just didn't seem to have the book in me. Don't take that to mean that I'm skipping a version of Photoshop though. I've got much going on relating to CS5:

• My Photoshop for Photographers tour has been completely redesigned and now features the following five one-hour sessions: 1) Up to Speed with Photoshop CS5, 2) Advanced Camera Raw, 3) Turbocharged for Speed & Efficiency, 4) Photo Stylings, 5) Finishing Touches. The new seminar topics should start to be used next month in San Francisco. The web site for the event won't be updated until we're sure the handbook has been printed and is ready for the next event. 

• I'm slowly finalizing a set of actions to be released for CS5, but they won't be ready for a few months. 

• Next will be video-based training for CS5. I don't want to reveal too much detail on my plans here since I'm still working on the list of titles that will be produced and who I'll be partnering with for distribution. (please do not send e-mails or phone messages asking questions about this since I have no more to say right now)