Greetings from the Drake Passage! We are currently en route from the Antarctic peninsula to Ushuaia, Argentina, and since I haven’t posted in a while, I thought I’d use this latest adventure as an opportunity to reconnect with everyone and let you know what I’m up to.

With my vintage bus project STILL in the works, we’ve been spending most of our time on the Gulf Coast of Florida, and that’s where we’ll be until the bus is finally ready to be lived in. I always get asked when it will be finished, but I really don’t know. It’s getting close, but so many unanticipated complications have delayed the project.

As I mentioned above, however, we are not currently in Florida. We’re in the middle of the most treacherous waters in the world, on board the beautiful Crystal Symphony cruise ship. I teach the Digital Filmmaking class on board, so we’ve been spending an average of two months per year at sea. It’s a great way to see the world!

We started this international journey in Buenos Aires, and have since traveled down the coast of South America, stopping in Montevideo (Uruguay), Puerto Madryn (Argentina) and the Falkland Islands (UK). From the Falklands, we sailed south to Antarctica, spending a little over two days doing scenic cruising. I checked off my seventh continent in the process!

This latest journey has been an incredible ride so far. In Montevideo, we wandered the picturesque old city, enjoyed some of the local barbecue and tasted local wines from Uruguay. From Puerto Madryn, we traveled to  Punta Tombo, home of one of the largest Magellan penguin colonies in the world. In the Falkland Islands, we visited yet another penguin colony at Bluff Cove, home to Gentoo and King penguins. (Karen’s all about the penguins this trip and jumps at every opportunity to see more of them!

Most recently, we spent a few days enjoying some scenic cruising around the Antarctic peninsula. And scenic it was! It was hard to stay inside the ship because we were constantly drawn outside to see and photograph the stunning scenery and ample wildlife.

After crossing the Drake Passage, the first stop will be Ushuaia, Argentina: The southernmost city in the world! More to come! For now, here are some images from the journey:

I’ll talk about this more in a future post, but we created an Instagram account for our yoga image series. You can find it at TheWorldIsMyYogaMat.