Ben-TahoeWaterfallThis is the waterfall descending into Emerald Bay at Lake Tahoe.

You see a lot when you live on the road. But what's surprising is that after being a "technomad" for over five years, there are STILL tons of great places I haven't seen. Lake Tahoe was one of those places. We parked the bus in Carson City, which is about 30 minutes from both Tahoe and Reno. The first half of the week was spent not on the road, but in the air. I flew from Reno to Milwaukee to present my "From Focus to Finished" seminar on Monday. From there I flew to Tennessee to present the seminar to an awesome Nashville audience. On Thursday, it was back to the bus in Reno, where Karen had already gotten a head start on exploring the Lake.

Ben-TahoeTreeWe just stopped to shoot around the lake and I couln't help but capture this wild-looking tree.

We spent a whole day driving all the way around the lake. This is quite a drive, in that it's over 70 miles… and of course we're going to stop to shoot! The highlight of the drive was the Emerald Bay area. We stopped at an overlook where you could also hike from. We shot the waterfall that descended down into the bay, as well as the surrounding area.

Tahoemap We drove completely around Lake Tahoe, stopping at a few places along the way.

The only bummer to the day (ok major bummer) was that my camera took a nosedive, tripod and all, from one level of the waterfall to another. And of course it landed in the water. That not only put an end to the days shooting, but it put an end to my poor 5D Mark II. I'm still trying to decide whether I should send it for [an unlikely] repair, replace it, or buy the 7D for now and wait until Canon comes out with their next batch of cameras and get a higher end one while using the 7D as a second body. I'll let you know what happens!

LakeTahoe-EmeraldBay-136_37_38_39_40-Edit-EditKaren got this shot of me near the Emerald Bay waterfall, just minutes before my camera took a nasty spill.

Outside of Tahoe, I've got to mention an amazing breakfast place in the nearby town of Truckee, CA. It's called Squeeze In, and if you're ever in the area, take a drive over there for one of their killer omelletes. They're a far cry from your normal diner menu items. There are over 60 omelletes on the menu, and they're all really unique. Mine was one of the most unusual. It contained peanut butter, apple, banana, honey, grits and last but not least, bacon! Karen got the Veggie Vigor, which contained zuchini, artichoke hearts, carrots, celery, mushrooms, tomatos, sprouts, and she replaced the cheese with avocado. They were both awesome!

Our plans for the next week are to head back to shoot more in the Mono Lake area/Bodie/Yosemite area. More to come!

*Karen also wrote about Tahoe and included more images in her blog, You can view the Tahoe post HERE.