It’s a little late to be listing seminars for this month:

  1. October 1-6, Maui, HI: Photoshop: Creative Explorations- This hands-on, week-long workshop is at the Institute of Visual Arts in Maui, HI
  2. October 8-9, Hilo, HI: Shooting for Photoshop- This two-day, hands-on workshop shows you how to change the way you approach shooting so you can take full advantage of Photoshop to produce exceptional images (including the HDR technique I use for many of the images I post on this site).
  3. October 17-21, Smoky Mountains, TN: Photoshop for Nature Photographers I’ll be presenting this shooting/Photoshop workshop with Charlie Borland.
  4. October 25th, Denver, CO: Photoshop for Photographers. This is my normal one-day lecture style seminar that I’ve been presenting for years.