When I purchased my motorcoach, it came with a complete Pre-Delivery Inspection (or PDI). That means that the dealer went through every system to make sure they were completely operational. The folks at Liberty Coach have been great about everything. I brought up things both large and small and they didn’t hesitate to make things right.

The only area that isn’t usually covered in a PDI is cosmetics. Those are things that you should inspect before you negotiate the price. Well, in my case, I looked over almost everything before agreeing to purchase the bus, but there was one thing that I completely missed—the outside mirrors! Once of the mirrors had almost all of its chrome peeled off and the other was pitted and ready to start peeling. The service department at Liberty Coach couldn’t authorize the replacement and both my sales guy and the general manager where out of town. These mirrors cost over $2000 brand new, so I really didn’t want to be stuck paying for them. Once my sales guy got back into town, we had a chat and he indicated that he wanted to do whatever it takes to make me happy. So today new mirrors were installed and the dealer covered it.

One of the new mirrors is shown below.