Namibia • September, 2013

Namibia: Sept. 19- Oct. 1, 2013

Join Ben Willmore & Journeys Unforgettable on the photographic adventure of a lifetime. In this two-week journey to Namibia, you’ll be staying at the best camps, working with the best guides and photographing the most amazing sights your lenses have ever focused on!

This trip is going to me much more diverse than most safari adventures because not only will we be seeing a lot of wildlife, but there will be amazing landscapes in Sossusvlei and the Skeleton Coast, and we’ll also be visiting the abandoned town of Kolmanskop, which should provide some really unique shooting opportunities.

Short summary of the itinerary:

Sept. 19: Arrive in Johannesburg and overnight at D’Oreale Grand Airport Hotel with group dinner

Sept. 20: In the morning, transfer from hotel to airport and connect on commercial flight to Windhoek.  Upon arrival in Windhoek, the group will be met by a Wilderness Safaris representative and assist with the flight on the two chartered caravans on Wilderness Air, to your first camp, Kulala Desert Lodge in Sossusvlei for 3 nights.

Sept. 23: The group will transfer on the Caravans to Luderitz for two nights, staying at the Luderitz Nest Hotel.  Here you will spend the time photographing the old deserted town of Kolmanskop.

Sept. 25:  You will transfer from Luderitz to Skeleton Coast Camp for 3 Nights.

Sept. 28: You will transfer to your final camp, Ongava Tented for 3 Nights.

Oct. 1: You will return to Windhoek, where you will then connect for your return flight to Johannesburg and make your connecting international flight back to the USA.

While the itinerary is excellent, there are a lot of other factors that will make this trip very different from your average safari. It is completely geared towards photographers and photo enthusiasts, so while most safaris will let you pack 30 lbs of gear, here you will be able to pack 80-90 lbs. To make this possible, we book extra planes to compensate for the weight.

When we’re in the camps, we generally always have power so there’s no problem charging camera batteries, laptops, etc. In fact, we usually have a large work table set up full of power strips where it’s safe to keep your gear. When we’re out on safari, we’re in heavy duty land rovers and each person gets their own row in the vehicle. This way, no one misses a potential shot, and there’s always room to keep your gear out.

As far as photography/software instruction goes, things are arranged differently for every trip and the training sessions are fit into the schedule whenever they’re most suitable. On our recent safari, we would be out on game drives for 4-5 hours in the morning and again in the evening, so we’d have an hour-long Lightroom or Photoshop lesson during the afternoon. That might be slightly different for the Namibia trip.

Another huge bonus on this trip is that we will be traveling with Dana Allen, who is a local guide (he lives in Zimbabwe) and an amazing photographer. He knows these areas so well and is so in-tune with the wildlife that he knows what the animals are going to do before they even do it. If there’s something of interest going on in the area (leopards hunting, lions mating, etc) he will make sure we’re there.

Here are the camps we’ll be staying at while in Namibia:

• Kulala Desert Lodge 
• Luderitz Nest Hotel 
• Skeleton Coast Camp   
• Ongava Camp 

If you would have any questions or would like to register (there are a few spots left), send an email to: OR

Check out the video below to hear Ben's take on traveling to Africa with Journeys Unforgettable.

In the video below, Ben interviews local guide Dana Allen on Namibia & Journeys Unforgettable