I’ll be living on the motorcoach in exactly seven days. Here are a few things that should happen before I leave Colorado:

Last night was a little going away dinner that was put together by some friends… we had a five-course Moroccan feast at Mataam Fez in Boulder.

I’m still trying to sell a bunch of furniture and random stuff to friends and on Craigslist. It looks like it’s not all going to sell in time, so more stuff than I’d like will be going into storage to be sold on my next visit to Colorado. It’s been much easier to get rid of all the stuff that I’ve been giving away for free.

Most of my possessions are in boxes and the movers will be coming to bring things to storage on Sunday.

Today is my last day with an office at home… it will be packed up before the end of the day.

The key to my Jeep disappeared the other day (I bet it got packed away in a box somewhere). I don’t have a spare key (the dealer never gave me one), so I had to have the Jeep towed to the dealer to have one made (they can’t do it from the VIN# on this one). Keys for this car cost $138.45 plus $30 to have them programmed!!!! I’m having three made so I have two spares. Of course two of them wouldn’t take the programming and the dealer is still working on it (they have had the car for almost 24 hours just to get a few stupid keys made).

I’ll be having a trailer hitch installed on the Jeep on Friday and will be picking up a tiny U-Haul trailer to pack my possessions in so I can drive them out to the Motorcoach. I’ll also have a tow bar baseplate installed so the Jeep will be ready to be pulled behind the Motorcoach. I’ll also be having my last fix of BeauJo’s pizza before leaving the state (be sure to try it on your next visit to Colorado).

If all goes well, I should start my drive to Florida on Monday morning. I might have to leave on Tuesday if any snow gets in the way of finishing everything up. It should take me three days to get to Florida, which is where the Motorcoach is located.

Once I get to Florida, I’ll spend three days getting oriented with all the systems on the bus and having driving lessons before I head to PhotoshopWorld in Miami. It sounds like I’ll be able to park the bus right at the convention center for the show.

I’ll be spending the rest of March and all of April in Florida since I have three speaking gigs and a bus rally to attend. Feel free to e-mail me if you have any suggestions on what I should explore while I’m in Florida or have a place for me to park a 40′ Motorcoach for a few days (there’s an e-mail link at the bottom of the right column of this blog site).