It seems like every time I meet another full-timer I end up learning some little trick. Dave & Peggy were parked two spots down from me at Liberty Coach and I noticed they had an entry rug that helps to keep the dirt off their main carpet. So, I went and found a carpet remnant and cut it to fit my enty way. After having the carpets professionally cleaned and the entry mat in place, now nobody is allowed past the black carpet with shoes on.

My license plates also showed up today. The coach is registered in Montana through a company I set up specifically for the purpose of managing the operation of the coach.


I also got my Postscript duplex color last printer up and running today. I had wanted to install it in one of the kitchen cabinets, but it ended up being 1/4 inch too wide to fit. I’m thinking about selling this one so I can get one that fits just right.

As you can tell, life at Liberty Coach isn’t all that exciting… just making tweaks before I head out onto the open road.