This past week, just like the one before it, has been filled with travel. I had my From Focus to Finished seminar in Charlotte, NC on Friday and was supposed to fly there on Thursday. Key words: Supposed to.

Karen had been spending the week with her family in New Jersey, and I was going to spend my time in Carson City prepping the bus for Burning Man. Well, on Tuesday she calls me up and tells me to start packing. Apparently Hurricane Irene was threatening my travel plans to the east coast and they wanted to fly me out early just to be safe. So unfortunately my work on the bus was cut short and in no time, I found myself on an eastbound flight.

Luckily, the hurricane didn't affect the seminar, and we had a great event on Friday. I flew back to the bus on Saturday (after having my flight changed yet again, from an afternoon departure to a morning one). Karen worked it out so that she flew back from Jersey and landed at the same time as I did. As soon as we returned, we immediately took off to do some Burning Man shopping. Not only did we have to stock our fridge for over a week, but we had to playa-proof the bus because of all the dust we would encounter. At first, we were going to cover the floors with clear plastic… but then we decided to get a little more creative. Though Karen and I usually don black and like things simple and elegant, we figured "hey, this is Burning Man!" Now the bus is sporting pink shag rug, an orange sofa cover and bright teal fluffy accent pillows. Perfect.

As I write this, we're about to hitch up and head to the Playa. Hello, Burning Man 2011! More to come…