As I write this, I’m on the Flyaway bus service to LAX airport. I’m flying to Miami to present my Photoshop for Photographers seminar. While I’m there, I’ll be meeting up with a few friends before I fly to Columbus, OH to look at a 1947 Greyhound Bus that I’m thinking of purchasing.

Here’s an update on what I’ve been up to since my June 1st post:

  • Drove from Los Osos, CA to San Francisco
  • Parked the bus in Berkeley, CA and met with my publisher
  • Did a quick tour of Canada (Ottawa, Vancouver, Calgary, Toronto) to present my Photoshop for Photographers seminar. 
  • Replaced my 15″ MacBook Pro with a 17″ model that has a much higher resolution screen
  • Presented my Photoshop for Photographers seminar in San Francisco
  • Shot some models in Golden Gate Park in San Francisco
  • Met up with Bill Atkinson (inventor of the drop down menu, creator of MacPaint and a good photographer) and Charlie Cramer
  • Was a guest on Bert Monroy’s Pixel Perfect podcast (I don’t think they’re available yet, but I’ll post here with a download link once I hear that they’re live.
  • Drove to Healdsburg, CA to visit a friend
  • Went to lunch with a bunch of people from Adobe
  • Drove to Los Angeles and parked the bus in Venice Beach
  • Test drove a 1950’s Flxible Clipper Bus… the same kind that was seen in the movie “RV”
  • Did a bunch of light painting with a few friends and got together with a bunch of people I met during my last visit to Maui
  • Spent the 4th of July at a party in Malibu right on the water
  • Had a friend from Maui drop by for two five day visits (one in June and one in July)
  • Completed a new biography, artists statement and price list for my photography site. I haven’t posted them yet, but should get them up there within the next week or so.
  • Did some light painting at a rehearsal studio
  • Met up with a at least a dozen individual friends in between all the stuff I did above

The photo above is a composite of about 15 photographs. It’s a light painted self portrait using two flashlights… one in each hand.