He has a way of explaining things so clearly he makes it easy to follow along and learn. Not only learn, but retain the knowledge.

Lee Tenneboe

Edmonds, WA

Ben Willmore is one of the best Photoshop instructors that I have encountered since I began my photo restoration studio in 2008.

Debbie Turner

Owner, Turner Photography & Restoration, LLC, Newberry, South Carolina

Ben has an uncanny ability to explain complex processes and make the difficult seem simple. Just because someone can do something does not mean they can teach, but in Ben’s case his expertise in each topic he covers comes through in clear and concise language and easy to follow steps. He uses great metaphors that are hard to forget and has a teaching style that is respectful of his audience and interesting to follow. I always enjoy his classes and come away with a wealth of knowledge that I can put to use immediately.

Debra Mercaldo

Atlanta, GA

As a non native English speaking person I was surprised at how good I could follow Ben’s classes. He explains everything in a way everybody who understands and speaks English a little bit can follow everything he says. He not only explains everything, but shows clearly where you find everything and how to get there, in easy to follow steps. I have never had an instructor as good as Ben, not even in my own language. I can recommend Ben as he is the best teacher ever !

Ingrid van Kuijk

Ben teaches in a way that is easy to understand for the beginner but yet packed with details for the more advanced user.

Jorge Davila

Los Angeles, CA

What’s fantastic for us is that as an instructor he is utterly generous with his knowledge.

Mary Fontaine

Syracuse, NY

Ben Willmore is a teacher who has something of great value for people at all photographic and digital editing skill levels. He clearly loves sharing his vast experience and expertise and helping his students reach for the stars. He’s never boring or dull, always generous, and happy to share his tips with us! Some “cooks” aren’t interested in having their protege be as good as them, and will leave out a technique or ingredient. Not Ben. He truly wants to see others enjoy photography and digital editing and be creative as well as successful. And of course the man has enormous talent, skills, and expertise!

C.M. Pell

Many instructors know their stuff but don’t know how to teach and others do know how to teach but don’t thoroughly know their subject. Ben is gifted in both and second guesses what his students may have difficulty in understanding and he is usually right. One of the best instructors I have had experience of.

Loretta Matthews Clarke

You won’t be bored! Ben Willmore has a way of making learning fun! We learned more from Mr. Willmore than any other instructor in the last few years that we have been learning from.

Darlene Pino

In the 24 years I’ve been using Photoshop, I’ve been exposed to a lot of educational content. Over the years, I’ve outgrown some of the available instruction, so I’m selective in who I seek out. I can say with complete honesty, that Ben is one of the instructors I try to never miss an opportunity with.

Bobby Thompson


Ben Willmore teaches in a style that is easy to digest because even though he is obviously a master, he remembers to break down the smallest component to those who may be just starting.



I love to learn new skills, and I’ve followed along with several online instructors on various subjects. Sadly, I can only name a few who I’ve enjoyed learning from, and felt confident I could take on the challenges of the course subject. Ben Willmore is one of those instructors.

Sandy M


When we get stuck, we call Ben.

Scott Kelby

I’ve been an educator for over 40 years, and I can honestly say Ben is one of the best teachers I’ve found on the subject of post processing. Photoshop used to intimidate the heck out of me, but with his clear, patient, methodical style, Ben has made it accessible.

Judy Hancock Holland

I have always learned best in an environment where I can experience the instructor’s passion for his subject. Ben teaches like he is in a one on one conversation about the subject matter. He presents his courses in a way that you know it is not just a job. I also believe that he cares if I get the information that he is presenting.

Claret M Belle

He makes a difficult item appear easy and, with practice, it does become second nature. One of the finest instructors I have had the pleasure to learn from.

John Andrew

If you are a photographer and you want to learn Photoshop and to be a better photographer, Ben Willmore is the teacher for you. He has taught Photoshop since it’s beginning and has a vast knowledge of all it’s intricacies. The value for money and time invested can’t be beat.

Carl Grooms

A rare combination of in depth technical knowledge and excellent presentation skills makes Ben Willmore an effective teacher.

Ramesh Sutaria

Ben’s vast experience, deep subject knowledge and engaging style make him an awesome teacher. After doing his courses one starts to feel confident quickly as one starts understanding the “Why” and not just the “How”.

Adwait Bramhe


I have taken several of Ben’s classes and I learn so much from every one. He teaches in a way that helps both the inexperienced and the experienced. His depth of knowledge about Photoshop and Lightroom is astounding. His style is calm and relaxed. I highly recommend taking any course he is teaching.

Joni Rich Framingham

I have been ‘learning’ Photoshop for several years & can definitely say Ben Willmore is by far my favourite instructor. I have passed the Adobe Photoshop Expert exam, but still watch Ben at every opportunity because he always teaches me something new.


Northamptonshire, UK

One never stops learning Photoshop. I have been using Ps since its first version. I have bought books, watched many tutorials and attended many seminars. I am always looking for those pieces of knowledge that I am missing. Ben Willmore’s classes have done just that and in a way that is simple and easy to follow.

Alan Amend

Knowing a software inside out is one thing. Being able to clearly explain that software to others is another thing. Ben is a Photoshop live bible. He has the competency to share his knowledge in a way that makes you feel that you can do it too.

F. Niel

Vancouver, Canada

Not that it means much, but I took and passed both the Lightroom and Photoshop certification exams and I always learn something new by watching Ben’s classes. I expect great things from his new venture.

Ed Judge

West Granby, CT

Ben Willmore is an excellent teacher and is obviously an excellent photographer and particularly expert in Photoshop and Lightroom. His demeanor makes learning an absolute pleasure ensuring that even the most complicated actions are clearly explained.

Tery Fennell

So glad to have found Ben Wilmore!!! Ben teaches everything from basic tasks to very advanced techniques, and does so in an extremely well-organized and easy-to-understand manner. Best instructor I have ever learned from when it comes to understanding and learning photography-related software programs. He has taken the fear out of these for me. Worth every penny.

Laura K.

Fort Bragg, North Carolina

He is generous in his teaching, being willing to share everything that he has learnt over the years. He is genuinely interested in helping people to succeed. I have no hesititation in recommending Ben as a teacher.

Margaret Kebble


What I appreciate with Ben’ s method is the very pragmatic and explicit structure of it, His explanations and progression step by step are clear enough to be reproduced in parallel. I can’t do anything else but highly recommend Ben’s teaching.

Pierre-Marie Oudot


Ben has been my favorite instructor for over ten years. He has the ability to present complex concepts in small understandable bits until the whole is realized and the student’s mental lightbulb is fully lit. No matter how long I work with Photoshop – and it’s been close to 20 years now – I ALWAYS learn something from Ben’s teaching. Simply the best.



Time after time, Ben Willmore hits it out of the park. I have been a user of the Adobe suite of products for more than ten years, and yet I learn how to better “think about” my work in Lightroom and Photoshop by participating in Ben’s workshops.

Larry J. Rodgers

I have tried other PS classes and could never understand the instructor I have tried self teaching but most books were over complicated. I found Ben and am learning easily. Thank you Ben.

Terri Seymour


Ben is my favorite instructor. He is not a ‘wordy’ or jargon fanatic. He is thorough, explains in plain ‘everyday’ language and if a specific photography term is necessary he explains it.

Arthur Guertin

I have been using PS since PS4. I have taken many classes over the years and have never had things explained that are so complicated in such an understandable manner. I have learned so much more in such a short time from this great teacher.

Sally Fasano

I think Ben Willmore is one of the best teachers for Photoshop and Lightroom. He not only has expert knowledge of the software and photography, but his teaching manner is easy to understand and well researched with appropriate examples.

JT Thomas

Ben Willmore spreekt klaar en duidelijke taal, dat zelfs personen van een ander continent hem heel goed verstaan. Ben verstaat zijn vak, zodat het niet moeilijk is om uitleg te geven over een probleem dat aan hem wordt voorgelegd. Sorry, ik versta Engels kan het lezen maar niet schrijven.

Groeten uit België

I love the way Ben teaches his classes. He always explains the steps he uses in an easy to understand way. I never feel that he is talking down to me the way some Instructors tend to do.

Suzanne Olsen

I tried to learn Lightroom and Photoshop from books and failed miserably. Ben’s teaching is so good it made everything fall into place, partly because he explains not only what to do but also why to do it thus giving a much deeper understanding.

Monica Strawson


I’m very confident to say that this guy is a true Photoshop master. He teaches Photoshop as if he is one of the software engineers who created the app, but is able to use complete layman’s terms and be very straightforward.

Vince Sambo


Ben is truly amazing at transferring his Photoshopping knowledge to anyone. He has done it for me quite superbly. He is one of the best instructors I have ever seen.


Ben Willmore is a truly exceptional instructor, whose passion and expertise – not only for his subject, but for conveying his knowledge to others – is unmistakably manifest in his masterful teaching ability. He often includes helpful analogies and metaphors, and seemingly-small but essential details that other instructors often gloss over. I often find that I suddenly understand a tool that I’ve always avoided, which could have vastly improved my images.

Vita Eileen Parker

Redding, CA

I have been a teacher for many years and recognize outstanding instruction immediately. Ben Willmore is an outstanding teacher! He wastes no time with extraneous chatter and gets right to the point. He stays current and up to date with programs so you always feel like you are right there on the cutting edge. You will not be disappointed. (Edited for length)

Karen Celella