Mastering Curves with Ben Willmore

Just as Layers are the most powerful feature in Photoshop, Curves are the most powerful adjustment. So powerful, in fact, that many adjustments you normally use (such as brightness and contrast, levels, and color balance) are actually simplified versions of curves. With that in mind: if you can master Curves, you can master adjustments and Ben Willmore will show you how.

In this 2-disc set, Ben takes the concept and principles of the Curves adjustment feature and breaks it down into two categories, Tone and Color. Ben shows you the ins and outs of curves, how to read the curves graph, and how to apply what that graph is showing you to add the perfect tonality and/or color to your images for that professionally adjusted look.

Format: 2-disc DVD set (playable on your computer, iPhone or iPod). Compatible with Win 7, Win Vista, Win XP and Mac OS 10.5 and up
Running time: 206 minutes

Disc 1:

  1. Introduction
  2. Basic Color Principles
  3. General Concepts
  4. The Best way to Color Correct
  5. A Desirable Color Cast
  6. Changes After Color Correction
  7. Automating Color Corrections
  8. Image Matching
  9. Color Matching
  10. Tips from Ben
  11. Conclusion

Disc 2:

1. Introduction
2. Adjusting Images
3. Adjusting Contrast
4. Making Your Images Look Weird
5. Preventing Color Shifts
6. Curves in Camera Raw
7. Using Selections and Adjustments
8. Complex Examples
9. More Complex Examples
10. Random Tips
11. Conclusion


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