I had a great time teaching in Reykjavik and I am now I’m spending five days to explore the island.

I started my journey in Reykjavik (which is in the South West of Iceland). I then drove East to a large lake, which I believe is called pingvilla vatn, I then continued to Geysir (a geyser… I tried to attach a video I created by combining a bunch of shots I took with my 5D… not sure if it will play on this blog) and Gullfoss (a huge waterfall) before heading a bit South to Hella where I spent the night.

Download Geyes Movie.mov

My next day was spent driving East on Hwy. 1 past multiple waterfalls, an awesome lagoon full icebergs, I then stopped for the night near Hofn. That was one long drive as it brought me most of the way along Iceland’s South coast.

Today I drove up the East coast passing countless waterfalls. At one point I saw at least 30 waterfalls in less than ten minutes. It was raining heavily most of the day which made it a less than ideal day for taking photographs. I’ve settled for the night in Egilsstadir and will be heading towards lake Myvatn tomorrow. 

After that, I’ll be driving to Saudarkrokur for a night and then back to Reykjavik to fly back to the bus.