Well, I ran out of Route 66 images to process on this trip, so you’ll have to wait until I get back to the bus on Saturday before I can post more.

The photograph above was created by Carolyn Bremer who is a student in my Advanced Photoshop for Photographers class at the LEPP Institute. This image may look a little odd… that’s because it’s a self portrait where the only light source is a flashlight. The light was painted around the edges of the subject and then multiple exposures were combined. She laid her clothes on a chair, light painted them and then came back and held her head in the proper position and painted that in a separate exposure. She then put the shirt on and hugged the chair so her arms where on the arms of the chair while her body was behind the chair and painted them with light one at a time and then composited all the exposures in Photoshop. This was part of some optional "homework" I assigned for my class. I thought it was a fun and unexpected image since the homework was simply to do some light painting of anything (a chair, your car, etc.) and she decided to do a creative self portrait.