I just returned from Los Angeles where I presented my Photoshop for Photographers seminar to a crowd of over 1,000 people. I’m amazed at the number of people who are showing up for these events and cannot recall one that has not been sold out. Below is a shot of Jeff Limbok who was on stage while I was taking a break.

I also met with photographer Jeff Dunas while I was in town and agreed to present a special session at his upcoming Palm Springs Photo Festival. In this $75 three-hour session, I’ll demonstrate how I have changed the way I shoot when I know the image will be adjusted in Photoshop. Techniques covered will include:

• How to slow down water without slow shutter speeds
• Learn to reduce or eliminate environmental mist and fog
• Combine a bracket of exposures into a single full-range image
• Processing a RAW file twice using smart objects and masks
• Changing background colors by filtering the subject’s light
• Simulating graduated neutral density filters
• Learn about the three essential on-camera filters for digital
• Creative light painting & car streak photos with a difference
• Shooting techniques that ensure accurate color & skin tones
• Combining two less than ideal shots to produce an acceptable result
• Hand held extreme panoramas that will blow your mind
• Simulating Infrared
• Learn a two shot process for making flash look natural
• Digital cross processing techniques
• Eliminating sunburn and blotchy skin
• Simulating sunrise or sunset light