Here’s a list of the events I’ll be speaking at during January (I’m not speaking at any events this month):

Jan. 11-13: Mastering High Dynamic Range (HDR) Photography-Delray Beach, FL
In this small hands-on class, you’ll learn to capture a scene and process it so that it more closely resembles how your eye would interpret the scene. That means capturing full detail in the shadows and highlights in the image instead of allowing them to become under or over exposed. You can even transform your images into something that more resembles a drawing than a photograph since the image will contain an amazing amount of detail in the deepest shadows. In this class I will reveal the exact techniques I’ve been using to create the HDR shots you’ve been seeing on this site (the image above is an early example).

Jan. 15-19: FotoFusion Conference-Delray Beach, FL
I’ll be speaking once a day at this event on various topics relating to Photography and Photoshop.

Jan. 25th: Photoshop for Photographers-Tampa, FL
This is my standard one-day lecture-style event. It’s not yet listed on the KelbyTrianing.com web site, but should be soon.

Jan. 1: PMA Las Vegas, NV
I’ll be attending the show and teaching a Photoshop seminar during the event.