Ben Makes House Calls!

Wouldn’t it be great if Ben could come to your place and train your staff, speak at your next event, or just put some order into your quaqmire of Photoshop problems? Well, he can! If you have a group of Photoshop users who are in need of the best training available, Ben will come right to your door with a training event designed to meet your specific needs. From ultra-advanced techniques to the absolute basics, Ben will help your group gain absolute understanding and extreme confidence with Photoshop–all of which adds up to a significant boost in productivity. Lots of organizations have already figured out that when it comes to getting serious Photoshop training for real world professionals, Ben is the ultimate solution. Just ask the folks at these great companies who have hired Ben to teach their crew:

• Adobe
• America Online
• Fisher-Price Toys
• Lexis-Nexis
• Mercedes Benz, USA
• The Mayo Clinic
• The National Archives
• American Society of Media Photographers (ASMP)
• Chicago Area Camera Clubs (CACCA)
• National Association of Photoshop Professionals (NAPP)
• Ohio Society of Professional Photographers
• Photo Marketing Association (PMA)
• Professional Photographers of America (PPA)
• Royal Photographic Society-England
…and dozens more since Ben started teaching almost twenty years ago.

To learn more about what he can do, choose the type of training you are looking for:

Bring Ben In-house to train your staff

If you’d like to bring Ben in-house to train your workforce, then come on inside to check out all the details.

Bring Ben In-house

Feature Ben at your next event

Scheduling speakers for your next event? Give your attendees a special treat.

Feature Ben at your event