Today I received my new 5D Mark II and I wanted to share with you an idea for how you can get similar hard to come by cameras before most people can get their hands on them. For me, I simple got on B&H's waiting list just after the camera was announced. But barring that, you can visit NowInStock.Net and set your RSS reader (I use NetNewsWire) to automatically update when the camera becomes in stock. That site checks multiple camera store web sites and lists the stock status for the camera. I wish they would allow for more specific searches since I need a second battery for my camera, but it only allows me to have a generic 5D Mark II search which will alert me anytime anything related to that camera is in stock. That means I hear about battery grips coming in stock and much more. 

I'll start shooting with the new camera tomorrow… right now I'm letting the battery charge. 

I'm currently park on the beach near the LAX airport in Los Angeles and plan to move the bus to San Diego in a few days. I'll be spending the holidays in Maui visiting friends for a few weeks and then I might attend a vintage bus rally in Arizona. Happy Holidays!