My new HDR Mastery class is now available on DVD! I know, it’s just in time for the holiday season 🙂 You can thank Jeremy at xTrain for all the delays (I’m more pissed off about the situation than you can possibly imagine and it’s the only reason I don’t have plans for any future classes with xTrain).

The DVD covers the techniques I use to create many of the images I post on this site. If you’ve ever seen an image that resembles an illustration more than a photograph, then you were looking at an HDR image. It’s also possible an image that looks more like a straight photograph as well. This DVD would be useful for images where:

  1. Shadow detail is overly important
  2. The scene contains a wide brightness range (beyond what can be captured in a single shot)
  3. You’d like to exaggerate textures and other fine details
  4. A scene looks overly busy and you’d to produce a unique look to the image

There are 4 sections to this DVD course:

  • Shooting for HDR
  • Merging Exposures
  • Processing HDR Files
  • Enhancement in Photoshop!

I’m sure the question will come up, so I thought I’d answer it here: I do not offer any special discounts for people who have taken the on-line version of this class. Why? Because I don’t have a list of those people and don’t care to maintain a system of keeping track of them since it would distract me from spending time developing new techniques and going out shooting. You could check with xTrain… they might have such a program set up, but I haven’t heard anything to indicate that they do.