The photograph above was taken near Hackberry, AZ back when I was following Route 66. As always, you can click on the image to see a slightly larger version.

Processing Notes: I processed the image three times as described in my new on-line Mastering HDR class, saving a copy of the image as each stage. I stacked those three images on top of each other and lowered the opacity of the 1x to mellow out the 3x version. I then applied a bunch of actions, hue/saturation layers, etc. I spent three hours working on this image. I spend 15-30 minutes on most images, but I just couldn’t stop playing with this one, so I don’t remember exactly what was done to get to this stage. The vignetting was unique in that I applied my Antique Color action and then applied a vignette to a mask to make it only affect the edges of the image. Here’s what a single shot of this scene would look like if processed using the default settings in Camera Raw: