MobileMe Gallery - Ben-Karen-2010

Hi everyone. Karen here. I'm posting this in response to a conversation Ben had on the KelbyTV show, The Grid, just minutes ago. They were talking about making small prints with a home printer for family photos and such, and how fewer and fewer people are actually doing that. That's where the topic of photo books came up. There are lots of companies out there that will let you make a bound book from all your digital photos and, in our opinion, it's so much more convenient than going the album route.

I've been using a company called Blurb for years, and they do an amazing job. I've even made books with my photography portfolios, and they are coffee tablebook-quality. As a surprise, I made Ben a book of our entire 2010 and gave it to him for Christmas. He loved it, because it's not only a lot of memories, but they're in a format that's not clunky and dont take up a lot of space. Plus it just looks damn cool. (isn't that reason enough?)

I also made a gallery of all the book pages so that we could show people online. You can check that out HERE.