Finally, I’ve picked the right place to be for the current weather.

Since I’ve started living on a bus, I’ve stopped watching television, I rarely see a newspaper and I get my news on-line. I usually only pay attention to the weather for the area I’m headed to and lately that hasn’t been all that great (if you remember the massive rains in both Oregon and on my way to Florida). But right now it’s perfect. I was about to run to the mailbox at a friends house and decided I’d check the weather (since there’s a big thunderstorm going on outside) to see if it might be better to wait an hour before making the run… and that’s when I see the above graphic!

I was about to change from jeans into shorts because it’s feeling a little warm on the bus and I didn’t want to turn on the air conditioning… and if there wasn’t a thunderstorm going on, then I would have never noticed what’s going on in the rest of the country weather-wise. This is my first winter without snow. I grew up in Minnesota and have only lived there and Colorado for my whole life. It’s only at this moment that I realized I’m truly a snowbird.