I’ve left Las Vegas and am currently exploring Zion National Park in Utah. Once I move on from this location, I plan to visit The Wave, Antelope Canyon, Monument Valley and more. I have just shy of two weeks before I have to return to Las Vegas to fly out and present one of my Photoshop for Photographers seminars in Kovington, KY. My next event after that will be PhotoshopWorld Las Vegas.

Next week I’ll be attempting to record another Photoshop instructional DVD… we’ll see how that goes with my current setup. I think I’ll have to turn off my air conditioning just to make sure the noise it not picked up in the recording.

Update: In my last Digital Nomad post, I mentioned that I’d be adding a
satellite dish to the bus. I decided to wait on that because I found out
that they were about to release the next version of the hardware and I
didn’t want to end up with an out of date model. I haven’t found an
installer who have the newest hardware yet, so I’ll do with out
satellite internet for a while.