Salton City is an odd place. In the 50’s developers planned out over 25,000 building lots (complete with utilities), installed 200+ miles of roads… but there where few homes built. You can see thousands of telephone poles bringing power to empty lots. There are more streets than homes. Many of the homes that were built are abandoned, but there are still some people living in the area (the population is around 300). It’s feels really odd to drive down dozens (if not hundreds) of streets with For Sale signs and no homes… the streets, complete with street signs, curbs and more, but no homes.

I ended up getting the Jeep stuck in some much while trying to get to one location to Photograph. My new iPhone was a great help when I needed to find the closest tow truck. I could see exactly how far each place was on Google Maps and browsed the web for a while before someone drove by and gave me a ride to a possible alternative towing arrangement. I was out of the muck in about an hour… now I have spend some time cleaning my wheels/tires because they are way out of balance with all the remaining muck attached, so it’s not fun to drive above 40MPH.

Above are three shots that I took today in the area surrounding Salton City. As usual, you can click on the images to see larger versions.