This morning, Matt from EarthRoamer paid me a visit and showed off a brand new 4×4 EarthRoamer XV-LT. He was passing through Albuquerque on his way to deliver the unit to someone in Phoenix, AZ. I was very impressed with how well engineered the unit was and how much they were able to shove into such a small vehicle (it’s 25′ 1" long).


The shot above is of an old diner that is now being used as a police
station in Albuquerque, New Mexico. The interior looks just like a
diner with the exception of the greenish bullet-proof glass.

This is a somewhat odd treatment in that the colors and brightness in the neon sign are reversed from normal. That was an accident that I ended up liking. I blended three exposures together, but the neon sign was too bright. I then opened the darkest exposure (which was mainly black with the exception of the sign), laid it on top of the blended exposures and set the blending mode for the layer to Difference mode to make sure it lined up with the underlying layers. To my surprise, the colors & brightness reversed in the sign, but the rest of the image was unchanged. The sign was the only area affected because black is ignored in Difference mode and most of the neon layer was black.