I’ve been sick for about two weeks which has really slowed my productivity down. I was originally going to do a bunch of stuff related to the Photoshop CS3 public beta, but now I have to spend my time updating my books and seminars. Here’s what I’ve been up to for the last month:

  • Presented a sold out Photoshop for Photographers seminar in Arlington, TX
  • Was co-host of the Inside Digital Photography radio show (you can listen to it via iTunes for free in the podcasts section)
  • Visited Apple’s corporate campus
  • Stayed in the marina district of San Francisco for a few days (urban stealth parking)
  • Spoke at a Software-Cinema Training Camp in San Francisco
  • Met up with a bunch of bus owners in Los Angeles
  • Visited a bunch of friends including Greg Gorman, Karl Lang, Colin Smith, Andy Katz, Brenda Tharp and many more.
  • Visited Adobe’s Corporate Headquarters
  • Parked the bus overnight next to the Four Seasons hotel in Beverly Hills and got mistaken for a rock star
  • Spent just shy of a week at Bosque Del Apache in New Mexico photographing birds (see shot above)