Test Your Internet Speed

If you’re ever traveling and find your hotel Internet connection to be overly slow, then visit this speed test site before contacting the hotel to complain so you have some specifics about just how slow their connection is. I run this test each time I get to a new hotel just to get an idea of how slow my Internet experience will be when compared to my home connection. There are many other speed test sites out there, but I like this one because it has a clean look and allows me to choose from eight cities to test my transfer rates from so I can see if it’s a localized speed problem.

In The Field Image Storage?


I have yet to purchase a storage device to transfer images to while shooting in the field. All the ones I’ve seen are either too expensive for the simple task they need to perform (copy and store images transferred from a Compact Flash card), are too large to fit in my pocket, or gobble batteries so fast that you could never fill the device. I don’t need to view my images… I just want them to copy as fast as possible onto a compact device that has a battery that will last for a weekend’s worth of shooting. The device above is a new one from Western Digital that looks to be close to what I’m looking for.

Weblogs Made Easy?


If you enjoy this blog, why not look into starting your own? It’s really easy to setup if you use the service that I use. It’s called TypePad and it’s the easiest thing I’ve found for blogging (and I’ve looked at quite a few of the alternatives). They offer a 30 day free trial and then it can cost as little as $4.95 per month (I signed up for their Plus services and prepaid for a year, which cost something like $85).

An Alternative to Google?


If you’re itching to try an alternative to www.google.com for your web searches, then try www.answers.com. This site doesn’t just spew out links to other web sites… it can often answer a question without having to send you to another site. The site references over 100 encyclopedias, dictionaries and other resources. You’ll find that some searches produce the same results of google, while others produce more information than links (like definitions and other explanations).