Mac Media Center Project


There are around a half a dozen people working on the Mac Media Center project. It’s an open source project that is looking to develop software that will allow your mac to act like a TiVo, allowing you to record and play back television amongst other things. If you’re a bleeding-edge Mac user, you’re welcome to download the Pre-Alpha build of the software. The rest of us should wait and keep watch on this site to keep up with future developments.

Philips On-line Outlet Store


I bought a home stereo system from the Philips Electronics Outlet and got a really good deal on it. Then, when I later wanted to look for a LCD or Plasma TV, I went to the main Philips site and tried to find the outlet section… it was nowhere to be found. They don’t seem to promote it much, but they often have great prices on factory renewed and discontinued products.

Watch TV Over the Internet!


The Slingbox is a simple device that plugs into any TV source and allows you to watch the source from many Windows machine that is connected to the Internet. It also allows you to control the TV source via a virtual 0n-screen remote control. That means you can hook it to your TiVo at home and watch live or pre-recorded television from a different room in your house, outside (via WiFi), or from a hotel room while traveling. All you need is a high-speed net connection at home and at the location you want to watch TV from.

I’ll be purchasing the $249 device as soon as I get back from teaching a class at the Lepp Institute in California.