Route 66 Poster #3


Here’s one more poster version from my Route 66 series. This image received a great response when I unveiled it as a large print during Fotofusion 2008 in Florida.

Image Refinement


I’ve been spending a good amount of my time refining images that I’ve already posted to my blog or photography web site. I thought you might enjoy seeing a blog version and the final "ready for a big print" version, which is sometimes radically different and other times almost identical. The main thing is that many of the image were posted to this blog the same day they were shot and I might have been shooting well into the evening and was in a hurry to get something posted before I went to bed. Also, some of the images were originally processed low res to save time and now have to be redone in order to get the quality needed to print them large.

The photograph above was taken in Cuervo, New Mexico. The top version is the final refined product, while the lower version is what I posted on this blog soon after the image was captured. You really have to see these images as a minimum of 13×16" in order to really get a true feeling for what’s there. Eventually they will be printed at least 24×36" and that’s when you should come take a look.


Route 66 Poster #1


Today I finished refining one of my Route 66 images and was about to print it on 13×19" paper. That’s when I discovered that I’d have a little empty space on the sheet, so I decided to turn it into a poster or sorts. This image is now hanging in the bus to remind me of all the hours I’ve been putting into these images.

You can click on the image to see a larger version.

Route 66: Odell, IL


The photograph above was taken in Odell, IL while I was following Route 66 back in August. That’s a restored 1953 Winnebago Trailer by the way.

Processing Notes:
I opened this single exposure through Adobe Camera Raw making no overly special adjustments. I then applied an antique look to the background to make the trailer stand out and retouched out the edge of the building that was on the left edge of the photo and a few radio towers that where in the background. I wouldn’t really say that I’m done with this image since I’m not happy with the antique look yet, but knew I was done working on it for the day, so I thought I’d post the image here.

Sneak Peek At New Web Site


I’ll be officially introducing a new web site that features my photography on January 1st. Why not go take a sneak peek at the site and give me your feedback before its official launch. I’d appreciate any comments you might have. This site is special in that it will show you large versions of my images that can easily fill a 30" display. I really find  that my HDR images are best seen large. I plan to add a few more images before the the end of the year, but otherwise the site is close to being done.

Back to Route 66


The photograph above was taken while exploring Route 66 in Texas. I found the original photograph to be a little boring when processed as a straight photo, so I decided to make it look nothing like reality which made the image much more interesting to me.

Processing Notes: This image was created by shooting a three shot bracket of exposures and combining them into a 32-bit HDR file. I then processed the images using Photomatix Pro and then opened the resulting file through Adobe Camera Raw and then applied a few actions that come with my new HDR DVD.