Ecto Test

You can ignore this post. I’m just testing some new blog writing software that should make it easier for me to post on a regular basis by allowing me to easily write posts when I’m not on-line.

Taking December Off

Just thought you’d like to know that I won’t be blogging at all this month.

Why? I’ve been traveling extensively and now that I’m home, I need time to catch up on everything and plan for next year.

I’ve been collecting a bunch of ideas for the blog, so expect to see regular posts again starting in January.

I’m Taking Weekends Off


I’ve been doing daily posts ever since I started this blog. But now, I’m starting to deal with all the details of selling my house and living on a bus full-time. That means I’m spending more of my weekends away from home and I’ve decided to only post to this blog on weekdays.

My house hasn’t sold yet, but I just lowered the price again and am starting to have showings almost once a day, so I expect to get an offer soon. That means I have to sell a bunch of stuff and get ready to transition from living in a 5 bedroom house into a 45′ long and 102" wide bus. I’m heading to Nashville next week and will be shopping for buses. I’m also driving down the mountain to test drive possible toads (cars you tow behind an RV).

Out Sick

I returned from PhotoshopWorld with a nasty cold. I went to bed last night at 8pm and am still in bed right now at12:30pm. I’ll start posting again as soon as I have the energy.

Ready to Start Blogging!

00opening_imageliquifed_benOk, after a month of testing things out, I’m not ready to start adding real blog entries.

The quotes you’ve seen up until now have been my way to test different methods of writing and posting entries (delayed posts, e-mail posts, etc.).

As soon as February comes around, I’ll be posting as often as I can. Ideally that would be once a day, but I’m sure with my travel schedule and other commitments, that it might not end up being every day.

It all begins

Well, after becomming more and more addicted to blogs, I’ve decided to create one of my own.

Why is it called “Where is Ben”? Because I travel extensively and the greeting I receive on many phone conversionations is “Where’s Ben today”.

This blog will cronicle my travels, my experiences with technology (software, hardware, etc.) and my overall thoughts on business and life.