Color Scheme Tool


If you’re working on a design project (like your next web re-design) and are having trouble figuring out which colors go good together, then consider visiting the Color Scheme Tool. This free tool allows you to specify one color you’d like to use in your design and then it generates a set of up to 14 colors that should go well with the color you’ve chosen.

Hyper-Detailed 3D Art


Kenneth A. Huff has been creating overly detailed computer generated art for over a decade. You have to either see them as physical prints (where you can get really close and see all the detail), or visit his site where he displays zoomed in previews of certain areas (but still at only 1/3 to 1/4 of the actual image resolution). Below is a zoomed in version that shows the detail at 1/2 it’s actual resolution (where a 2×2 pixel area on the original is being displayed with a single pixel on screen).


Where Is Ben Gets New Wardrobe


Peter Hoey has created a logo of sorts for this blog. I haven’t figured out exactly how I want to implement it yet (I simplified it for the heading at the top of the site). My corporate site is going through a complete redesign, which will take a few months and will involve many graphics from Peter.

X-ray Magazine Returns

XIf you’re a QuarkXpress user, you’ll be happy to know that the Quark focused x-ray magazine is back. You can download the current issue for free here . This issue includes many well chosen articles as well as one that previews some of the new features in the upcoming QuarkXpress 7.