Adobe has just released an update to the Camera Raw plug-in for Photoshop CS2. This new version adds support for the following cameras and can finally read the white balance data from newer Nikon cameras:


         H2D (DNG)

         Konica Minolta
         Alpha Sweet Digital (Japan)
         Alpha-5 Digital (China)
         Maxxum 5D (USA)
         Dynax 5D (Europe)

         Valeo 17
         Aptus 22

         D-Lux 2
         Digital-Modul-R (DNG)

         Coolpix 8400
         Coolpix 8800

The updated plug-in needs to be placed in the following location for
it to be usable by both Photoshop and Bridge (the replacement for CS’s
File Browser):

Mac: /Library/Application Support/Adobe/Plug-ins/CS2/File Formats/

Win: Program FilesCommon FilesAdobePlug-insCS2File Formats