I spent all day today hanging out on a 1947 bus. I’m thinking about picking one of these up and selling my bus. It’s five feet shorter than the bus I currently live in. The photos below should give you an idea of what it looks like. Most of these shots were taken with a fisheye lens.

98% of this bus is made out of aluminum. It has an updated engine, automatic transmission, power steering, modern brakes. All that stuff is about as modern as my current bus, which should make it relatively reliable.

The driver’s area has the original steering wheel, which is hooked to modern power steering. It also has a pushbutton automatic, cruise control and a transmission retarder, which slows you down without needing to hit the brakes.

Here’s what it looks like looking toward the rear… the front door is on the left edge of this shot. The brown things near the ceiling are storage bins that have roll top desk-like doors on them.

Bus_05 The two seats on the passenger side swivel and recline with foot rests. I’d consider removing one of those chairs if I would be able to fit a 24″ wide Epson printer.

The kitchen features a three burner stove, oven, fridge/freezer, nukerwave, sink, etc. The sofa also folds down into a bed.

The bathroom is rather small, but is complete with toilet, sink and shower.

Bus_08The bed room has a queen sized bed, television, supplemental air conditioner and storage under the bed. There is also a closet with drawers that you can see on the left edge of this shot. Between that closet and the booth is a space where I could fit a small desk (about the size of the one I use in my current bus).

I’m not sure if I’ll get this bus or not… I have to get back to my current bus and measure up some of my equipment to make sure it will all fit. This bus also has a bunch of storage space in the baggage bays under the bus.