I'm no longer hanging in one area and am instead cruising across the US of A. Since my last update, we've driven from San Diego, CA to Houston, TX and here's a list of some of the things we've done:

• Earthquake! Karen and I were parked North of San Diego when the 7.2 magnitude earthquake hit Baja, Mexico and was felt as far away as Las Vegas, NV. It simply felt like some pranksters were outside trying to get our attention by rocking the bus. This was my second earthquake and Karen's first. I still have to experience one when in a building that isn't designed to be shaken… the bus doesn't quite count since everything is designed to handle the bumps and tumbles of road life. 

• Flew all over the place: Making stops in Portland, OR, Richmond, VA, Orlando, FL, Kansas City, MO, and Binghampton, NY to spread the Photoshop joy. 

• PhotoshopWorld Orlando: Presented brand-new sessions titled Photoshop Safety Measures, Hacking Photoshop, and Light Painting for Fun & Profit. I should be presenting seminar sessions again during PhotoshopWorld Las Vegas in September.

• Electronic House Expo: I was excited to attend this event which happened to be happening at the same time and at the same location as PhotoshopWorld in Orlando. That's where I learned all about how to control various vintage bus systems via an iPhone and how to radically simplify the wiring required to transmit audio/video and other systems.

• iPad: Apple's new iPad was released on April 3rd and I had one delivered direct to the bus. It was a surprise gift for Karen (and an excuse for allow me to play with one before the 3G version that I ordered for myself ships at the end of this month). 

• Bisbee Arizona: On our way East toward Texas, we went a little bit out of our way to visit a place that I've had on my "must see" list for a few years. The main attraction was the Shady Dell Vintage Trailer Park where you can find over a dozen restored trailers from the 1920-50's that you can stay in just like lodging at a motel. Karen had more time to take photographs than I did while we were in Bisbee and she's posted some on her blog

• Marfa Texas: After making a brief stop in El Paso, TX, we continued on to Marfa Texas where we found a tiny Prada store in the middle of nowhere. I mean there was nothing else in sight for miles! Karen has done a nice post about our experiences in Marfa on her blog

• NuRVers Rally: The reason we were heading to Texas was to attend an RV rally of fellow full-timer's who work on the road. This group is known as the NuRVers. They're generally a group of young folks who live and work while traveling. That's quite a change from most RV rallys where 98.6% of the people seem to be retired and gray-haired. This was an absolute blast and I even won "Bartender Wars" with my "Blazing Bloody Mary" recipe. For more on the rally, check out the Happy Janssens coverage of the event.