I had a great time exploring Iceland with Lewis and Marv. We ended up making a huge loop around the island and made a habit out of sleeping near waterfalls (five nights worth) or icebergs (three nights worth). I also got a chance to see the Northern Lights and even needed a rescue team to come save us from very severe winds that were strong enough to make standing up virtually impossible and that were as risk of tipping over the motor home we called home. I shot a total of 67.88 GB worth of photographs and can’t wait to start processing them.

I’m writing this post from the airport in New York. Jet Blue was nice enough to cancel my flight to Nashville and the next one isn’t until morning. I will then have less than 24 hours before I have to leave on my next multi-week, multi-leg trip. To make matters worse, I forgot my keys in a Zip-lock bag back in the motor home in Iceland, so I’ll have to buy new clothes for this trip since I can’t get into my Jeep or the bus before I have to leave again. I will never fly Jet Blue again unless they have a direct flight to where I need to go (they don’t accept baggage from other airlines, so you have to re-check your bags if you have a connection and they are too cheap to pay for a hotel when THEY cancel my flight and make me stay a night in New York).

The photograph at the top of this post was taken in the parking lot for the waterfall that’s known as  Dettifoss. That’s the motor home that we lived in during the trip, which was lit using a flashlight. The Northern Lights look almost exactly like what is shown here. Below is a photograph I shot at a very cool lagoon full of icebergs that’s called Jokulsarlon in South West Iceland.  I shot it by placing my 15mm fish-eye lens right on some ice chunks that were slowly melting at the edge of the lagoon. The bottom photograph shows just how close you can get to major waterfalls in Iceland… my finger is in the water in that shot.