I’ve been spending this week tweaking the bus to make it my own. I’ve
trashed the old VCR and CD changer and replaced it with a dual-core Mac
Mini with 2TB of external storage plus a dual tuner DirecTV TiVo (even
though I don’t have the satilite dish setup yet). I’ll control the Mac Mini via remote control and Apple’s Front Row on the TV and do fine-adjustments (like creating playlists in iTunes) via my laptop and VNC (which allows me to see the Mac Mini’s screen in a window on my PowerBook and control it via the PowerBook’s keyboard and trackpad).

The dealer I bought the motorcoach from replaced one of the air conditioning condensing units because I complained that it was making too much noise (see photo below, which shows the unit right above the drivers seat with the TV removed to its right). When they were swapping it out for a new one, I talked Scott at Liberty Coach into modifying the setup so that it would also cool the overhead area where the TV usually sits. That way I can replace the TV with a flat screen and place six hard drives in the empty area behind the screen, which should stay nice and cool due to the air conditioning modification.


I’m now shopping for the right sub woofer and LCD screen to fit to make the setup complete.