Today, Apple Computer introduced a new program designed for professional photographers. The new software is called Aperture and is a potential replacement for Adobe’s Bridge and Camera Raw, but is by no means a replacement for Photoshop (it’s instead something that compliments Photoshop). With a price of $499, it’s obviously directed towards professionals. I didn’t see any mention of being able to apply Curves (my favorite adjustment), use adjustment layers, paint on masks, or apply filters. It does feature one thing that I’ve been begging Adobe to implement and that’s a Lupe that makes it unnecessary to zoom in on the entire image when you simply want to see a 100% view of a small area.

I found it interesting that Apple chose to feature sports and wedding photographers in their profiles since those are two areas where shooting JPEG’s are more common. The main idea of the software is to make general RAW image editing to be very fast and easy.

For more info on Aperture and an interview with Apple’s product manager, visit CreativePro.com

Image courtesy of Apple