Hi everyone! I have an exciting announcement for anyone out there who uses Lightroom or is thinking about getting started with Lightroom. Starting April 4th, I’ll be teaching a 4-week, online workshop with CreativeLive called “Lightroom CC Photo Editing: The Complete Guide.” This class is going to be different than the others I’ve taught with CreativeLive in the past. Each weekday we’ll broadcast a new 60-90 minute class, which will loop all day long, so you can tune in and watch each episode at your convenience. Most days will include homework assignments that help you integrate what you’ve learned. Then there’s a Facebook group where you can ask questions, connect with fellow students, etc. and we’ll even have occasional live Q&A sessions.

Gang, I am putting LOADS of time in to prepare for this workshop and have a huge amount of content to cover next month. If you’ve watched my training in the past, you know that I absolutely love Lightroom and I am so excited to be able to give you in-depth training on the program over the course of four weeks. Whether you’ve never worked with Lightroom before or you are a seasoned user, I’m sure that by the end of the four weeks, you will not only be able to organize and optimize your images in the best way possible, but you will love Lightroom just as much as I do!

If you’re not familiar with how CreativeLive works, all of the classes are completely free to watch while they are being broadcast. If you would like access to the video files to watch and re-watch at your leisure as well as all of the bonus material and handbooks that come with the course, you can purchase the class (at a discounted rate while the broadcast is happening).

Here is the complete course description from CreativeLive:

Automate Your Editing. Streamline Your Workflow. Save More Time.

Welcome to CreativeLive’s comprehensive, 4-week Lightroom workshop! Join one of our best software instructors, Ben Willmore, to learn how to process and organize your images more efficiently – and have more time to spend doing the stuff that matters. In this series of lessons, you’ll learn how to import and organize your images; optimize your photos, using all levels of adjustments; make your images searchable within the program; and optimize your workflow, including exporting, printing, and troubleshooting.

Enroll in this course, and you’ll gain access to both an enduring resource to build your skills and a community with which to share the fruits of your work. Ben will provide a workbook that acts as a reference guide, and he’ll be holding Facebook group meetings with students.

Join us on Facebook!

As I mentioned above, we have created a Facebook group for the workshop so that everyone can participate, ask questions and stay connected. Keep in mind that, with a couple weeks to go before the course starts, you can still influence what I cover by posting what’s important to you and what you want to learn. I’m going to take everyone’s suggestions very seriously and make sure I cover exactly what you want to learn!

You can join the group here

Join me in the San Francisco Studio!

Finally, why not join me in the San Francisco studio’s audience while we record the workshop? CreativeLive is looking for 10 students to join us from March 31-April 5 (except Sunday 4/3), from 8 am to 4 pm every day. Click here for more information and to sign up. I hope to see you there!