Crafting the Landscape | Actions

How to Install the Actions

After downloading the actions file below, you will need to install the actions into Photoshop. The downloaded actions will be located inside a zipped (or compressed) file that you will need to unzip by double-clicking on the file icon. A second (unzipped) version of the file will appear in the same location. To install the actions, double-click on the unzipped file. Photoshop should come to the forefront on your screen, indicating that the actions have been installed. They will appear at the bottom of the action list in the Actions Panel, inside a folder called “Bens CLP Book Actions.” 

If, for some reason, the actions are not automatically installed when you double-click on the file, you can load them manually. Open the Actions Panel. If it’s not already visible on your screen, you can access it by clicking on the Window menu and choosing Actions. Click on the little menu in the top right corner of the panel and choose “Load Actions” from the pop-up menu. You’ll be prompted to navigate on your hard drive to the location of the actions file you downloaded. Make sure to feed it the unzipped file.

Click here to download the actions file