Productive, fun and hectic would all be good words to describe the past week. I was literally all over the place (five states in one week) and had a lot going on.

Tampa, Florida
I started the week in Grand Junction, Colorado, where the bus is parked. We had been exploring Moab and then returned to Colorado in order to be closer to an airport. My first stop was the Tampa area, home of the NAPP (National Association of Photoshop Professionals) and the Kelby Training team. I spent my time there recording some videos and Kelby Training DVDs, which will also be available in the online training section. There will be two courses, both involving Photoshop Curves. I'll let everyone know when those are available, which should be soon.

The Grid_ Episode 10 | The Grid
A screenshot of me on "The Grid," along with Matt Kloskowski and RC Concepcion.

In a recent blog post, I also mentioned that I would be appearing on "The Grid," the KelbyTV talk show focusing on anything that has to do with Photoshop, photography and other geekiness. The show aired live last Monday, and you can still view it online, right HERE.


Karen shot this during my From Focus to Finished Seminar in Philadelphia

Philadelphia & New Jersey
After Tampa, my next stop was Philadelphia, where I presented my From Focus to Finished seminar. As a side note here, we have posted upcoming tour dates for this seminar through December and you can find those on my Digital Mastery site.

Karen joined me on this leg of the trip and we stayed at her folks' place across the bridge in New Jersey. What worked out great was that our friends and fellow technomads, Chris and Cherie, of Technomadia, were passing through New Jersey the same time! It had been nearly a year since we met up with them last, so it was nice to be reunited again and geek out in a bus nut kind of way (Chris and Cherie are currently in the market for a vintage bus, similar to the one I have, so I was happy to share research and talk busses).

Me downing a delicious Philly cheese steak (When in Rome…)

We spent the day in Philly, so cheese steaks were a must! We even waited in a 30-minute long line for these famous sandwiches …. and I'd say it was worth it! We also visited the Magic Gardens, a folk art environment featuring the mosaics of Isaiah Zagar. The place is a labyrinth of art, consising of tiles, glass, a bunch of random objects, mirrors, woodcarvings, etc. It's actually hard to explain to someone who has never seen it. The place takes up half a city block, but Zagar's mosaics can be seen throughout South Street as well.

Me in the outside portion of the Magic Gardens in Philadelphia

New Jersey felt like a whirlwind, because before I knew it I was on a plane to Seattle, where I will be presenting my seminar again on Tuesday. I was excited to head to Seattle because it's the current home of Steven Roberts, the original technomad. And what does that mean? This man was living a nomadic, technology-rich life decades before me and my other current technomads were doing so. He was really a pioneer in the nomadic community. He's still at it, working on his current "nomadic substrate" in Seattle, which happens to be a sail boat. I had been wanting to meet Steven for a while now, and had been looking forward to picking his brain. I knew he would have great advice for the systems on my vintage bus. And it was great to meet with someone who, up until now, I had only known in the digital world. I got to tour his lab and his boat, which were both awesome. Overall a great start to my stay in Seattle!


More to come…