Valley of fire state park - Google Maps
The above markers are many of the places we would like to see in the next few months.

Though the bus has been parked in Colorado, the past week has been spent travelling… by plane, that is. I had two of my "From Focused to Finished" seminars, put on by the Kelby Training gang. The first was in Livonia, MI, and the second in Columbus, OH.

I would like to say that they went off without a hitch, but unforunately, this was not a lucky week for us. The first seminar, which was near Detroit, had to be postponed by a day due to a water main break at the convention center. Since the delay caused us to miss our flights, the seminar gang ended doing a late-night drive to Columbus for the second event. Unfortunately, the second event didn't get off problem-free either! The conference center accidentally booked the room next to us with musicians that were causing so much noise it was hard to concentrate! Luckily, the racket stopped after an hour or so and we were able to continue.

The seminars got a good response, despite the unfortunate circumstances, but boy was it good to get back to the bus and relax after that crazy week!

As far as our future plans go, we will be leaving Golden, CO, in the next day or so, en route west. We tried to figure out our schedule a bit and set our travel priorities. Though we dont have everything perfectly scheduled out (and we probably never will, knowing us), our plans for the next two months will take us to Moab, Arches National Park, Zion and other amazing shooting locations on the Utah/Arizona border. The map above marks some (ok, many) of the places we'd like to hit at some point.

That's it for now! More to come…