I've been quite busy of the last week. After finishing my new Photoshop CS4 Up to Speed book, I've:
  • Printed a bunch of my Route 66 images on Crystal Archive paper at Pro Photo in Irvine, CA to see what they look like off a lightjet. The results remind me of traditional cybachrome prints, which is quite a nice look. 
  • I presented seminars in Kansas City and St. Louis.   
  • Between seminar dates, I followed Route 66 through Kansas, Missouri and Illinois and shot with a Canon 1Ds Mark III (a loaner) and my new Canon 14mm rectilinear lens, which was a reward for finish my latest book. I can't wait to get my hands on the new Canon 5D Mark II, which features the same resolution as the 1Ds Mark III.
  • Finished the marketing and overall design of my revised Photoshop for Photographers tour which will include a lot of info about Photoshop CS4 and High Dynamic Range imaging.
This week working on updating the handbook for my Photoshop for Photographers seminar tour. I should be heading towards Los Osos, CA over the next few days since I'll be teaching my Advanced Photoshop for Photographers workshop.

The image above is a composite of approximately 75 photographs that make up a Panollageā„¢, which is a combination of a panorama and a collage. I took these shots while exploring Route 66 in Kansas, Missouri and Illinois last week. Click on the image to see a larger version.