GoatMy next 8-week on-line class starts in one week. The class has sold out every time it has been offered… but this time looks to be the exception… sign up now if you’re thinking about it.

the class, you’ll receive a lesson each week for a total of eight
weeks. As part of each lesson, you’ll receive an assignment and after
uploaded your assignment files, I’ll give you a personalized critique
of your images. You can also ask as many e-mail questions as you’d like
to. The eight weekly lessons include:

Lesson 1: Shooting Digitally
Lesson 2: Camera Raw
Lesson 3: Curves for Tonal Adjustment
Lesson 4: Curves for Color Adjustment
Lesson 5: Hue/Saturation
Lesson 6: Adjustment Layers
Lesson 7: PhotoMerge & Retouching
Lesson 8: Summary, Workflow

Lessons 2 and 7 will cover some CS2 features.